Gameplay innovations in FIFA 16

The company Electronic Arts continues to produce videos devoted various cheap fifa coins features of football simulator FIFA 16. In the new video, shown below, the leading producer of Makhardi Aaron (Aaron McHardy) spoke about the innovations relating directly to the gameplay.

The assurances of the authors, neither component FIFA 16 has not gone unnoticed. In particular, the physical model of the defense motion made more than 25 changes, so that they will act in their positions more consistently and thoughtfully, covering dangerous areas and guarding a player of the opposing team. There was also much improved goalkeeper intelligence, to add confidence in the game at the last line. To introduce a system of intelligent midfielders interceptions and allowed to make even more precise transmission. In the attack it will be possible to carry out dynamic awnings, perform powerful and accurate blows with one touch, and enjoy the new flight path of the ball.

This year, Electronic Arts – game producer – has decided to put on the cover and football players. It is the first time in the history of the game 22 years when the decision was taken. For US edition, the EA Games decided to put Messi on the cover alongside Alex Morgan, World Cup winner in 2015 along with US national. For the edition of Canada, along with Messi will be captain of the national women, Christine Sinclair.

“We took the decision to put Alex on the cover a few months before the World Cup. We know and we want to celebrate women’s football. We know that in North America, both in the US and in Canada, women’s football is an integral part of football culture and also helps us to grow the sport in North America. We sought to celebrate this and I decided to put Alex on coprt? “said David Pekush, senior production manager at EA Sports.

European release of FIFA 16 is scheduled hellofifa coins for September 23 this year in versions for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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in charge of digital entertainment division

For the “vice president of Alibaba, rs 2007 Digital Entertainment Group president Liu Chunning” incident, police arrested Ali Pictures announced that Liu Chunning in bribery during Tencent, Alibaba in its investigation and post Ali Pictures no relationship.
Public information, Liu Chunning August 2013 entry Ali, in charge of digital entertainment division, now serves as executive director of Ali Pictures. Tencent president Liu Chunning served as assistant general manager of e-commerce, and Tencent pat network responsible for the online video business general manager. Liu Chunning July 2013 departure from Tencent, August switched to Alibaba. This time, Liu Chunning was taken away because of alleged bribery in Tencent video during procurement.
Tencent yesterday announced the sides confirmed announcement that Tencent informed in a serious violation. Survey shows that the presence of several online video-related business staff corruption, bribery, alleged illegal. Currently Tencent reported to the police and is awaiting the results.
Tencent PR Director Zhang also stressed: “We report the first two years of corruption event video sector, throws Liu Tencent has been attached great importance to anti-corruption issues in the police investigation process, the inside has a strict ‘high-voltage’ policy and sunlight. action system, whether it is any employee, once broken will never be tolerated, serious will be sent to the public security department. “(still purple)
The following is the full announcement Ali Pictures:
The Board of Directors noted that the Executive Director of the Company Mr. Liu Chunning suspicion in the past, during the tenure accepting bribes Tencent Technology Ltd. was detained for investigation in mainland China Public Security Bureau, the investigation and its Alibaba Group Limited or the Company now there is no relationship duties.
Save as disclosed above, Mr. Liu Chunning matters under investigation at this stage, and there is no other information required to provision (v) to be disclosed pursuant to Rule 13.51 (2) (h), and no other matters that need to know The shareholders of the company will be.
The Company will issue a further announcement when appropriate on any significant developments in the above matters.

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Funny! Walk to Distinguish True or False Female Game Characters in WOW

Male players choose female role playing online games, they will change the way you talk to match the image of women – but their actions are exposed. When you are tired of farming wow gold in the world of warcraft, you can find some fun from it.

Published in the journal of Information, Communication and Society, a new study, researchers at the famous online game world of warcraft (WOW) founded a custom task, and then brought together 375 world of warcraft players, let them to play these tasks into groups. The task took an average of 1.5 hours to complete, each player’s action and dialogue is recorded and then methodically coding.

The researchers found that men choose the probability of the opposite sex role more than 3 times higher than women (23% vs. 7%). Elected in the role of women, these men players strongly inclined swtor credits to choose beauty, the role of traditional long hair instead of the pink Mohican. And their chat mode will be gravitated toward the way you speak to women in reality. Compared with a man than the opposite sex role, they will use more emotional expression and more exclamation mark. In other words, these men create sister role, is extremely rigid “perceptual beauty”.

Although gender transformation of male players can in some extent, “the woman said,” but they don’t have a “woman’s way”. This may be your a laughingstock even when you busy earning wow gold. The researchers found that in all the movement of men and women in the study. The number of male players move back more, prefer to stay far away from the team, and the number of jump is more than twice as many women. So, if you want to know whether the female night elf is a lady, it is good to look at how “her” walk.


Western constantly looking for new speculation point

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South China Sea to the Chinese navy is significant
“South China Sea sovereignty has always been China’s core interests,” deputy director of the International Strategic Studies of the China Institute of International Studies, said Su Xiaohui on the 3rd of here, “expansion” there is no question, she said, the Western South China Sea project for speculation, It is nothing new. Western constantly looking for new speculation point, a few days ago the US State Department number two man Bulin Ken also likened Ukraine South China Sea, it is simply to keep the heat of this issue.
Hua Chunying refute Japan’s buy eso gold defense white paper
Recently, Japanese media have reported Japan 2015 edition of “Defense White Paper.” Although this white paper involves a lot of countries. But surprisingly, the Japanese media are basically the “China” as the only “key words.”
Japanese media as “China’s Defense White Paper reminder alert Nanhai activity” in the title, in the prime-time broadcast for up to 1 minute 50 seconds of the report, including a large number of Chinese troops and warships of the screen, called the South China Sea issue is “a serious threat to Japan’s security environment “The international community also needs high alert. 3 Japanese media said the Chinese in the South China Sea confrontation with the United States and other countries, is likely to lead to unexpected developments, the future direction of China worrying.
Japanese media said the 3rd, which is over the years,buy eso gold Japan for the first time to raise the South China Sea in an important position to endanger Japan’s security environment. Analysis reported that the Japanese government such high-profile operations in the South China Sea prominent Chinese, apparently also for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces overseas to find an excuse to exercise collective self-defense, but also for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to participate in surveillance operations eventually find a reason for the South China Sea.
Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung
Foreign Ministry’s regular press conference, Hua Chunying in answer to Japan’s “Defense White Paper” when accusing China’s military growth, said Japan’s rapid economic growth between 1961 to 1979, military spending was double-digit annual growth rate, the highest over 20%, currently Japan’s per capita military spending is still China five times. Japan has no right to make irresponsible remarks on China’s military development normal. She reiterated China stationed reefs in the Spratly Islands part

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The 2nd international fair game

The 2nd international fair game on July 28, was held in Shanghai international conference center, on the same day, general by UK trade and investment (UKTI), the British association of interactive entertainment (UKIE) and the trade association in the UK games business delegation will be held in the British game show special products, and in the one-on-one business company.
The UK games business delegation to a total of 13 companies, with many creative works at the 2nd international fair game, 28 morning in Shanghai international conference center holds the British game show special products, the company in the afternoon the one-on-one business negotiation.
UK games enterprise development is the purpose of the delegation of the series of activities in the UK game relationship between enterprise, enhance the gaming market and mutual understanding of, the two countries to expand cooperation between the two countries enterprises, the production of the game products. The British delegation will use this to share experience, contacts with buy Cabal 2 Alz fast companies, to promote trade cooperation.
Organizing committee a Sino-British company one-on-one business registration system, welcome contact us. Submit your booking, there will be staff contact you to negotiate the time arrangement. (one-to-one appointment link)


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