Gameplay innovations in FIFA 16

The company Electronic Arts continues to produce videos devoted various cheap fifa coins features of football simulator FIFA 16. In the new video, shown below, the leading producer of Makhardi Aaron (Aaron McHardy) spoke about the innovations relating directly to the gameplay.

The assurances of the authors, neither component FIFA 16 has not gone unnoticed. In particular, the physical model of the defense motion made more than 25 changes, so that they will act in their positions more consistently and thoughtfully, covering dangerous areas and guarding a player of the opposing team. There was also much improved goalkeeper intelligence, to add confidence in the game at the last line. To introduce a system of intelligent midfielders interceptions and allowed to make even more precise transmission. In the attack it will be possible to carry out dynamic awnings, perform powerful and accurate blows with one touch, and enjoy the new flight path of the ball.

This year, Electronic Arts – game producer – has decided to put on the cover and football players. It is the first time in the history of the game 22 years when the decision was taken. For US edition, the EA Games decided to put Messi on the cover alongside Alex Morgan, World Cup winner in 2015 along with US national. For the edition of Canada, along with Messi will be captain of the national women, Christine Sinclair.

“We took the decision to put Alex on the cover a few months before the World Cup. We know and we want to celebrate women’s football. We know that in North America, both in the US and in Canada, women’s football is an integral part of football culture and also helps us to grow the sport in North America. We sought to celebrate this and I decided to put Alex on coprt? “said David Pekush, senior production manager at EA Sports.

European release of FIFA 16 is scheduled hellofifa coins for September 23 this year in versions for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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Project Cars # 244: fender flares and the debut of my Chevette Hatch on the slopes

We’re back with the story of my Chevette Hatch with project focused on the slopes. engine parts In the last post I talked about how I started this adventure endless and as I left me the first experience in a drag race and track day. Now it’s time to fix a problem that almost made me lose a tire on the track day.

It is, as many have hoped and even commented on another post, I gave my face to slap despite the disapproval of some people, but I cut the fenders to put the flares fenders, which inspired me this Opel Kadett City ( Chevette Hatch German) prepared for the slopes.

But I had to choose which would be used in the project. Researched albums on eBay but the price would go high for me at the time, H-beam Connecting Rods then discarded and went in search of something national and that was easy to adapt. I ended up staying in doubt between the line Adventure Fiat and Montana Generation 1. I ended up choosing the Montana and now lacked only create courage to make the cut and adaptations that I thought it would be cool. Fenders Montana were pretty big, but just right embedded in the arches of the fenders of the Chevette (coincidentally, Chevrolet?). But after doing the first test, I found particularly disproportionate.

That’s when me and Daniel, a great friend of the club that was helping me as always to give life to ideas, we decided to make some cuts in order to reduce the size of the fenders until they best could adjust the car lines. We did some measurements and cut all the same size, as we more harmonious, painted matte black and set off pro can the court!

We were already doing the cutting and drilling ready to leave each side that we asked, because anxiety to see done already beat us well before buying all the material. The front had no difficulty, cut the can, just trimmed the sharp parts and made the hole according to the fender flare, which would be screwed with locking nuts, so you have no danger of play. In the picture below you can see how was the front.

At the rear, to cut the can, we face two comings cans of one car side and one wheel box, they met and formed the rear fender. When cutting, the plates logically desecontraram and the normal process of all that put on the back fender flares, is to weld the place where these plates are released so that it is not getting water between them.

Okay, I know that, but he also knew he needed to have access to fit the screws that held the fender with nut locking the same as the front. crankshaft I could do that and then perform the welding, but one day I wanted to retire to exchange the fenders would have to reopen the weld, at the risk of spoiling painting? No. We put the rear fender, screwed, and refuted the maximum the can inside for her to join the outside, and left just like that, for easier access in the future. The car is facing the tracks and I do not care about the exaggerated purism, only to be functional and to give me freedom of access by the time I want without any problems. And so, we completed the installation of the rear fender flares.

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Join Tibia and Find out Your Color of Characters

The magicians Furb of Fun, Feiz of Energy, and Fern of Character have returned to buy Tibia gold which wizard will make the most fans within their colourful contest this time around.


In the server save money on September 15 on, various monsters will drop the envelopes with red-colored, blue, or yellow powder. If you wish to understand how to color yourself and blend colours, look into the letter that’s incorporated within the envelopes. If you are looking at some details concerning the event, just request among the loyal fans from the magicians. You’ll find Nathaniel in Venore, Friedolin in Carlin, and Paulette in Thais. Now you had better to gain some Tibia Gold to well arm your characters.


By getting Tibia gold involved in the wedding, you are able to collect bonuses which you’ll do business with the loyal fans from the magicians once you have selected a color. Make use of the bonuses to accomplish your group of Zaoan chess collectible figurines. With the help of Tibia Gold, you may have more chance to There is also your personal chess box for part within this event the very first time or you didn’t have it from among the fan NPCs yet.


Each one of the three magicians provides a special reward. With respect to the wizard most abundant in fans in your game world on September 23, server save, your world may benefit from among the following rewards for just one week:


Furb of Fun: The shared experience bonus in party mode is going to be elevated by 30%. The opportunity to effectively shape from ice and marble is going to be increased by 10. Also, fireworks rockets, party trumpets, snowballs and party hats are available in most the animals which dropped the envelopes.


buy Tibia gold: Nearly all spell caster animals for example ice ghouls or darken spell weavers, for instance, can give 25% more XP. Additionally, the skill bonus of berserk and bulls eye products is going to be elevated to 7, and also the shielding decrease is going to be set to -8 rather than -10. The miracle level bonus of mastermind products is going to be elevated to 5. All in all, gain more cheap Tibia Gold is really a very good way.

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According to the fifa 16 coins report

According to the 2014 fifa 16 coins report on the game industry, according to the domestic number of online gamers has more than 500 million people, in such a large number of game players, professional gamers accounts for only a small part, nowadays, network game fifa 16 coins become an important eso gold of the national economic growth, in the face of income has broken one hundred billion yuan domestic game market, the next stage is bound to belong to the age of players in the game to make money!Game players how to create wealth in the online game?Is to take part in international competition bonuses?Within the fifa 16 coins platform or transaction in now?As an fifa 16 coins player, of course, it is hard to through the two ways to make money, especially in the current Internet rapid development phase, the network has been integrated into every corner of life,fifa 16 coins everyone’s time have been fragmented, is unlikely to have a fifa 16 coins of time and energy spent on a single game, time cost fifa 16 coins the economic cost is very high.In this context, the most simple and easy to operate “game demo” arises at the historic moment, or called “fifa 16 coins to make money online”, it points to a virtual network game paid try this service trade, referred to as “game demo or make money online.
On PC egg is recommended for many the moment the hottest games page, such as reed {langya}, spend thousands of bone, etc., a list of players after free registered as a member of fifa 16 coins platform, can be arbitrary to participate in the activities of an online demo of platforms.Still play online games, and there’s no need to spend a penny to prepaid phone, also don’t have to accumulate a lot of fifa 16 coins in the game of wealth, only in accordance with the game level required to try the game, the higher fifa 16 coins level the better prove your demo degree, achieve corresponding game level you can gain corresponding cash fifa 16 coins.Even the novice players game, as long as you take the time to chang in the game to play, as well as fifa 16 coins money on online games.As a game in the operation of nine years demo platform, PC egg has become a “game demo system, game players can in the shortest possible time to get the maximum compensation, greatly reduces the time cost.


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