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22 in the Belarusian fifa 18 coins capital Minsk

22 in the Belarusian capital Minsk ended, fifa 18 coins and foreign players in the game show their ability to translate each other. The competition was hosted by the Confucius fifa 18 coins at the National Technical University of Belarus and was supported by the development company of Zhongbai Industrial Park. The aim of the fifa coins cheap is to improve the level of fifa 18 coins between Chinese and Russian counterparts, to strengthen cooperation with China and Belarus, and to select translators for the development of Zhongbai Industrial Park. fifa 18 coins competition attracted more than 50 players from four countries in China, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, including hut coins, young teachers and professional translators. After fifa 18 coins first round of written examination, the student group and the professional group each have 7 people into the final. Two groups of players in the final stage were accepted fifa 18 coins translation and simultaneous interpretation of the test.

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