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After being questioned movie industry people

It is reported Albion Online Gold that the US group at Investor Conference on had said that its commission rate will rise to 7% -8%, or even 10%. This is obviously just wishful thinking bright future. On the current industry trends, the competitive environment and corporate model, the commission rate is actually very difficult to rebound. The current most competitive four-tier cities, the competition for the business of competitors will reduce rates, the business course, preferred rates low. Lower commission has become the industry trend, both in the 0 to rely on, it is likely to form the final rule is similar to a credit card rates, and only 6 per thousand.

Moreover,Tera Gold O2O on mode, it is better suited to serve as a guide for businesses drainage, advertising platform, rather than transaction-oriented mode. Furthermore, Takeout, movies, hotels and other fields has formed oligarchs effect, a lot of competitors, increase the commission is clearly unrealistic.

As one of the few survivors of the winner, since the “Thousand group wars” bloody baptism breakthrough US group, also will buy the business has leapt to the peak, accounted for a large half buy the market, the market share was as high as 55%. However, beginning this year, buy the industry as the “go buy” of the rise of the tide, and the BAT began to accelerate layout O2O, US corporations began to face unprecedented pressures and challenges.

By the end of July, the US group announced a high-profile transactions cat movie, but did not elaborate attempt to prove his 2.2 billion box office. Since July the national box office only 5.49 billion, cat box office the US group would occupy half? After being questioned movie industry people, cat film side said, 2.2 billion turnover is not equal to the contribution of pure box office, as well as the resulting movie ticket service fee, nominal fee and participation in film marketing and the like. This result also led to new general manager of the limited liability company Pictures Movies linked 周铁东 on the microblogging Tucao:? “This also is equipped talk about big data”

US corporations such and such disrupt the battle, let the film industry who could not stand. I can only say, anxious eyes of US corporations are enemies everywhere, really Nie Bahan.

Business model bottlenecks, capital emergency, perhaps early July the US group executive team full squad attended the press conference, Wang “generous” behind Yinzhong reveal private data. Maybe the US delegation wanted to take to enhance the capital market confidence in its model, seeking to raise the next round of financing.

Investors can burn, but only got to look at the prospects. US group’s financing difficulties, the fundamental reason is still in its business model.

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