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After the start fifa 18 coins

After the start, as early as.7 31 men than in previous years into the state, the men’s team in fifa 18 coins first game project, 300 meters of large caliber rifle shooting, small The Zhang Zheng to 20 rounds of 191 fifa 18 coins in the third row, Wang Maolin, David and Pan Yucheng house were ranked in seventh, fourteenth and forty-eighth, the men’s team with a total score of 4314.6 points fifa 18 coins third, first groups instead of the first day of competition scores significantly behind the situation. The success of the road mut coins not be plain sailing. The next day, the 500 fifa 18 coins hurdles race after the men’s two team scores have Ecuador team behind the first 100 points, and is the main rivals Brazil team ahead. This gave the men’s title prospects fifa 18 coins a shadow. Adversity often inspires soldiers morale. In order to change the unfavorable situation, on the third day of swimming 50 meter hurdles competition, the men’s team will go fifa 18 coins out, to enhance the team ranking first, beyond the second Russian team 203.8 buy madden mobile coins. On August 4th the grenades and cast away games, men’s efforts to keep the fifa 18 coins points in the first group,

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