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Care and precautions laser treatment

1 , the body within 24-48 hours after undergoing laser therapy , may appear on the skin like a sunburn -like redness reactions, and even blisters , swelling , bleeding, and a slight feeling of pain , this is the organization tattoo kits normal reaction. If necessary , you can take painkillers, or ice pads intermittently deposited in the affected area ( susceptible prohibited acts ) .

2 , after laser irradiation over the place, 1-3 days scab , scab film is usually 5-14 days off, do not peel off the scab tattoo equipment film can not and should wait until off on their own , have itchy skin crusting process can not scratch , reduce the chances of scar formation .

3 , careful to keep the affected area clean and dry , scab film off before clean water is available , then thinly coated with some antibiotic ointment ( Bactroban , under the aloe vera gel , erythromycin ointment , normally painted 2-3 days , 2 times a day ) . After the scab off to speed up the metabolism of the skin membrane with vitamin E.

4 , when the scab off on their own films , and normal tattoo supply skin lesion may appear different light red or pink . But this phenomenon is usually subside in a few weeks or a few months later. Oral vitamin C to reduce reflux pigment.Tattoo Supplies

5 , had received laser treatment to the affected area , avoid direct sunlight ( the sun’s ultraviolet radiation ) within three to six months, when they go out , must be coated with SPF ( sun protection factor ) sunscreen fifteen times or more models or cover .

6 , before the scab off Laser Tattoo Removal , Laser irradiation tattoo supplies area can not makeup, not rubbed . Meanwhile avoid spicy , tobacco, and poor near-term fasting toner containing foods , such as: coffee, cola and so on. Let the scab off on their own , not forced to peel off. Should not participate in intense exercise, avoid sweating after infection. Usually about three months after treatment, in order to properly determine its efficacy is satisfactory.

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