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Cartier’s global president, Fernas, said: “Less than 10 years ago

The diversification of sales also has the concern of Anna: “China’s cities have not yet formed a large-scale middle class, and the latter is the stabilizer of many other societies. China is more dependent on the wealth class to take this responsibility, which of course is China’s Cartier love bracelet replica tradition, but the social structure of the past has no longer exist, which makes the mainland cities in the fashion trend is very unstable, some emotional, while the wealth class does not have enough demonstration force, not enough to express the whole society This will be a big problem for China’s future, and it is also the wealth of the Chinese people to solve. “” Fashion is not just consumption, but also an expression of power, China’s wealth class is not very clear that this That ‘s very regrettable.

Anna said that as a Chinese, he is most hope that China is strong. All his work, on the one hand, let the Chinese people go where are well-dressed, on the other hand, but also to find the Chinese people to express their own appropriate way. In his view, a strong China will have enough courage to accommodate all the outstanding culture of mankind, and its integration into their own view of the world, this is his generation began to realize the problem, but also his generation Can not be completely solved. Can make more people realize that China is not only a country, but also a culture of the world mind, and let more people to join the discussion of this issue in the ranks, he has been very satisfied. As for others to question the legitimacy of luxury consumption, and some people eagerly look forward to luxury localization, he was slightly tired to say, “I only hope that we take some detours, and can take an international perspective to see these issues, I The past experience tells me that idealism is good, but if there is not enough reflection and enough execution, it is inevitable to go astray.

In the late 18th century, with the development of trade between Europe and China, a large number of Chinese handicrafts and antique poured into Europe, the upper class of European love Chinese porcelain, silk, tea, and regarded as extremely luxurious enjoyment, a time fashion The At the same time, the European artists a lot of imitation of Chinese art, designed a lot of interesting Chinese craft style, ceramics, furniture, etc., and in some British gardens, and even the emergence of a Chinese-style pavilion. French big writer Hugo in their own home layout of a “Chinese Hall”, the Germans with Chinese porcelain exchange court guards, and even finally, some European countries together to resist a large number of silver into China, to resist the Chinese goods “Invasion”, and some even demonstrations … … if pulled a little bit, the European preference for Chinese goods, especially tea, but also indirectly led to the slave trade and the Opium War.

Cartier’s global president, Fernas, said: “Less than 10 years ago, the Chinese people are still looking for ‘made in china’ and are proud of the world, and today the Cartier love ring replica are more concerned about But the Chinese people seem to have forgotten that about 200 years ago, the entire Western world is full of Chinese elements, and these symbols carry the luxury atmosphere is today in every corner of China’s Western luxury far Cartier from the day of the establishment of the concern of China, until today is still full of respect for Chinese culture.

Cartier was born in the Western world blooming 19th century, 1846, Louis-Francois to their own name acronym L and C around the heart-shaped composition of a diamond logo, registered Cartier company. In 1847, the 29-year-old Loui s -Francois Cartier took over from the master Adolphe Picard at the jewelry store in Paris, rue Montorgueil31. In 1853 Cartier moved to rueNeuve des Petits Champs 5. At that time France was under the rule of Napoleon III. After a turmoil, Paris restored its past glitzy weather, the second empire’s brilliant greatly promoted the operation and development of Cartier.

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