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Identification of precious stones commonly used instruments and usage

to see fracture and cleavage fracture and fracture surface for what kind of luster, the identification of certain precious stones is particularly important. Most of the gem with glass luster for the shell-like fracture, translucent and opaque jade mostly granular, staggered fracture. Such as coral fracture is dull, jagged fracture; amber fracture for the resin […]

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Cartier’s global president, Fernas, said: “Less than 10 years ago

The diversification of sales also has the concern of Anna: “China’s cities have not yet formed a large-scale middle class, and the latter is the stabilizer of many other societies. China is more dependent on the wealth class to take this responsibility, which of course is China’s Cartier love bracelet replica tradition, but the social […]

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The playoffs 2k mt McGee continue to break out

The playoffs Ricky McGee continue to 2k mt out, his hit rate is the league’s second 78.3%, averaging 2.3 blocks ranked fourth in the league. The first round to open the second extension of the extension, McKee 7 vote to get 15 points 5 2k mt and 4 blocks, he became the first in the […]

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