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FIFA 18 NEWS Chelsea in the Chelsea 6-0 victory over Carabacher after the game

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FIFA 18 NEWS Chelsea in the Chelsea 6-0 victory over Carabacher after the game, Chelsea coach Conti accepted the BT sports interview. He said: “This (6-0) is a nice result. We started the Champions League this season in the right way. I see from the beginning to the end, the players made great contributions and efforts, as well as high school attention. The game players performed very well. (I also saw) many positive factors. (For example) Sapa Costa has a great play, Azar is also trying to find their best condition. ; It’s very important to have some of the players who play like Christensen. They need to know that I trust them. I have 17 to 18 experienced players, each player has a chance to play the game. Rakti?: victory makes us confident, united Barcelona can not be defeated _FIFA 18 international football news
FIFA 18 NEWS Barcelona midfielder Rakitic in the team beat Juventus after the game evaluation of the team’s victory, Rakitic said: to win the Champions League tour is always very important, especially for us This changed the coach’s team. The coach brought a new concept, but we are satisfied with the performance of the team in the field, this victory greatly enhance our confidence. Rakti? said the team played better in the second half: the second half we played better, but in fact the first half we played very hard, I think we have been in control (Click to buy fUT 18 COINS,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
of the game until the first goal of the arrival The For the arrangement of this season, Barwald in his own position, Rakitic said: The ball, come up with today’s performance, the other team is difficult to beat us. Mourinho: leading too relaxed, as if playing live football _FIFA 18 international football news
FIFA 18 NEWS just ended the Champions League group match, Manchester United 3-0 victory over Basel made a good start, but the Red Devils coach Jose Mourinho on the team in the 2-0 lead after the performance was not satisfied. Mourinho said: home to take three points is very important, until the 2-0 lead before we are very stable, with self-confidence to play. ; But then we seem to play Flanders football, live football, I do not like this, too frivolous little child play. We seem to be gambling, you have to respect your opponent. I do not know is not because the score lead, we lost the position, formation, we can easily lose the ball right. I do not like this, the players played too relaxed. As for Fellini, I’ve been repeating the same thing. He is a player with a special ability, he can provide me with multiple functional options. He is one of my most important players. Real Madrid interested in Werner? Leipzig coach: believe that he is president of Leipzig _FIFA 18 international football news
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