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Gordon fourth quarter will completely reverse the war situation

The whole game, Lu Wei 21 points (16 points in the first half), Gordon 22 points (11 points), the two together won 43 points, to know the Thunder off a total of 24 points. Imagine, without the two super six, the rocket is likely to fall apart in mt 2k first quarter, Louis – Williams to keep the rocket to catch up with the hope; Gordon fourth quarter will completely reverse the war, and personally end the game. They seem to be Harden’s left hand right arm, when Harden most need to come forward, together to help the rocket off. Series for the first time clash, thunderbolt rocket, Wei Shao hand over a criticized data table, the audience 23 vote only 6, of which three shots 11 3, got 22 points and 11 rebounds and 7 assists, and exceptionally Conspicuous 9 turnovers, field positive and negative value of -25 team minimum.

Lost the first war, the young and did not show too unhappy, he said with a smile, he has to look forward to nba mobile coins next game to prepare. “From my start, we should come up with better performance, better deal with the ball and put the into,” Wei said less. Wei Shao has always been a must, if the last play well, he will be in the back of the game to give a vc nba. Today, Wei will cut down 51 points and 10 rebounds and 13 assists and 4 the luxury data, but unfortunately the Thunder or defeated Houston.

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