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round the camp also fifa coin websites

the new round the camp also held a grand ceremony, to celebrate the fifa coin websites of Hongkong to the motherland 20th anniversary years July 1st.1997 Hongkong, return to the embrace of the motherland, the troops stationed in fifa coin websites Kong in the camp will be the first five-star red flag rising, marking the vicissitudes of Hongkong ended 150 years of colonial rule, Chinese people’s Liberation fifa coin websites troops stationed in Hongkong to take charge of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region defense duties, to fulfill the sacred mission of the motherland and fifa coin websites people with.20 in years. The flag of the witness, generations of soldiers stationed in Hong Kong to keep in mind the mission, dedication, loyalty and blood to fifa coin websites love Xiangjiang, guardian of Xiangjiang, Xiangjiang dedication The magnificent chapter, has made important contributions to safeguarding national sovereignty fifa coin websites and prosperity and stability of Hongkong. The officers and men to participate in the flag raising ceremony, President Xi Jinping said, 30 days to inspect and review the garrison, coin fifa 18 garrison soldiers to remember President Xi, with a strong army force, strictly comply with the Hongkong basic law and the Garrison Law, the comprehensive fifa coin websites of the party’s command, to win the war, the fine style of military objectives, strengthen the comprehensive military construction, continuously improve the ability to perform the defense of Hongkong, for the practice of “one country two systems great, maintain long-term prosperity and fifa 18 xbox one coins of Hongkong and make greater fifa coin websites.

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