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Tattoo knowledge

How to deal with the tattoo after bleaching phenomenon?

Answer: the skin after a faded skin and recovery process, in this process the tattoo skin will appear faded white danderphenomenon, tattoo colors will be affected by the small whitescurfy, looks very shallow, in fact, pigment has been in this layer of white scurfy below are absorbed by the skin, when the layers ofwhite fade out the tattoo color tattoo equipment will be gradually reduced. If appearfade crack phenomenon, belongs to the normal range, please wait until the skin return to normal (one month), and after the pattern is completely presented, please contact with the tattoo artist. Thisshop customers, restore the bleaching period (for whatever reason), color free.

How can you keep the tattoo long beautiful?

Answer: try to avoid sun exposure, multi use skin care products to maintain skin moisture tattoo, avoid dry skin can maintain tattoobright again.

Want a tattoo but fear infected hepatitis and AIDS?

Answer: do not have to worry about this point. The shop with a needle, pigment cups, gloves, a handle, a needle nozzle and so oncontact with the skin appliances completely take disposable typeprocessing. Facilities with tattoos are medical supplies, prevent cross infection.

Tattoo tattoo site after whether can touch the water?

Answer: the tattoo some hours later can use water to wash. The skin will appear some skin tissue fluid and a dash of the blood in the capillaries in the tattoo process, and the bacteria in the air and dust will be attached to the skin. When the tattoo is completed, willsolidification of liquid on the skin, easy to bacteria and dust during the tattooing process has been adsorbed on the skin. If you do notwash off tattoos of recovery is very harmful. Therefore in the tattoo,make the skin natural restoration for several hours, can be usedwarm water to rinse off the tissue fluid and a little blood and drain excess water on the skin to make the skin natural breathing, that will make the tattoo recover soon.

Tattoo in after a period of time if you need color?

Answer: the key to this problem is the technical ability thattattooists. A good tattoo is actually don’t need to look, as long as the technical ability tattooists mature, the color accurate injected into the stable layer of tattoo supply skin (pigment in the skin is not easy to be a new generation of Xie Diao Chen), tattoo in the recovery after ispermanent, even after several decades are not present the phenomenon of fading.

Color tattoo will fade?

Answer: color and black and white type tattoo tattoo actually is the same, as is the use of special tattoo pigment, as long as thetechnical ability tattooists mature, color tattoo also will not fade.

Why do I see a lot of tattoo works photos have some redness?

Answer: This is because the tattoo when just do a good job, the more shallow parts can give skin formed because the needlestimulation of natural red skin, at the same time in the tattooprocess, the artist often with paper towel wipe the skin, plus thetattoo needle stimulation to the skin, a red tattoo is a normal phenomenon, the healing tattoo later, can disappear.

Why do some black tattoo looks bluish or greenish?Tattoo Supplies

Answer: This is caused by the usually 2 reasons, one is because the skin itself is not completely white, will be fundamental yellowishor reddish, this pigment recovery after the cover in the skin, the eyes see the black tattoos (especially the totem type) will be affected by the background color of the skin, can form colordeviation.

Second is because the tattoo artist in the tattoo process to penetrate tattoo supplies the skin deep, pigment and part of the capillary bloodwith the colors appear bluish or greenish phenomenon.

The tattoo after about 1-2 weeks change the color of the tattoo to fade?

A: No, this is because the skin after a faded skin and recoveryprocess, in this process the tattoo skin will appear faded whitedander phenomenon, tattoo colors will be affected by the small white scurfy, looks very shallow, in fact, pigment has been in thislayer of white scurfy below are skin absorption, when this layer ofbark fade out the tattoo color will be gradually equipment

Tattoo in the recovery period will do itch?

Answer: recommend the use of “Yao Wang herbal cream” wipetattoo, immediately relieve.

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