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Tattoo right knowledge and care

Because the tattoo will damage the skin, the tattoo kits following is the correct method of tattoo knowledge and care summary!

1, tattoo can not be removed, do not listen to false advertising propaganda.

2, a few days after the completion of the tattoo itching, crusting, flaking number of normal, non-scratch wounds to prevent infection or bleaching, underwear should be soft, not too tight.

3, can not be treated with alcohol or gentian tattoo equipment violet pattern over the wound (alcohol can irritate the wound, gentian violet color will destroy the tattoo).

4, incorrect tattoo strict disinfection methods and not likely to cause infection or infectious diseases.

5, can not use soap or other cleaning wounds bath (warm water can).

6, there will be some degree of pain, tattoo, the anesthetic will not have any significant effect, and may affect coloration.

7, do not tattoo during the illness, suffering from tattoo supply skin diseases or infectious diseases (such as hepatitis, HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and other patients) Do tattoos.

8, after the tattoo is completed to smear professional tattoo cream or erythromycin ointment, 1-3 hours after the cream and blood with warm water to rinse and towel stained with cotton wool or professional dry water, then do not apply any medication.

9, the perfect tattoo designs coupled with professional tattooists and skills are the right way to guarantee the perfect tattoo.

10, before the wound is not good, do not eat spicy, spicy food.

11, must not use animal blood or tattoo supplies cinnabar and other tattoo (there are rumors of such a tattoo to be shown only after drinking) This method is extremely dangerous.

12, after the tattoo can not swim or kits

13, if fester, fester, water, non-healing wounds late ruler or a fever and so please do not hesitate to consult a tattoo artist or go to hospital.


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