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This bitter land mut coins Ganruruyi

This bitter land Ganruruyi, is doubts, He Peixiong spoke: “Modern mut coins has a unique charm, the farm is like a company, there is such a big company let me manage, let me engaged in mut coins research, innovation, I can not be excited Well! “Large-scale modern agriculture was once a dream, grew up in the heart of He Peixiong, a native mut 18 coins Zhangye City, Gansu Province, mut coins lived through childhood and adolescence on the Loess Plateau, a barren land.” At that time, To the agricultural aircraft, combine harvesters, large horsepower locomotive in mut coins field of the lens, I especially hope that one day I can also open these big hut coins sowing, harvesting, parents relaxed and comfortable to stand looking at me. He graduated from mut coins Agricultural University with a degree in agricultural engineering in 2010. With his childhood dream,

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