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Wearing bracelets and wearing a ring how to measure more accurately

you should pay attention to the two materials, color on the harmonization.

Wear bracelets should also take into account the bracelet style and their own body, identity, demeanor, occasions, such as coordination issues.

Ring finger ring size of the standard is called hand. What is the number of hands that are expressed, divided into American, Hong Kong, they correspond to the diameter and perimeter vary, the current use of Hong Kong.


Modern hand is generally between the 4-26, in the hand-inch to buy the ring, the summer to wear a ring after a little tight, winter is to wear after the left and right, but not fall off is appropriate The When you wear a ring, if you feel too loose, you can ring around the rings around the red line or thread, if it is too tight of your Cartier nail bracelet replica , you can put some moisturizing oil or soap on the fingers, so that you can successfully wear Took off.


How to measure more accurately:

  1. To get a more precise size, you can measure at 19-21, because the finger size is the most accurate at this time;
  2. Do not measure your fingers when the weather is too cold, because this time the size of the finger is the smallest;
  3. When you can not determine the specific size number, you can choose a relatively large size (number or number 1);
  4. According to the different season to properly adjust their own numbers, winter to buy the ring, because the weather is colder, fingers than the summer to be fine on the 1st to the half, the ring can be rotated after the rotation but not easy to fall off the summer, On the feeling after a little tight;
  5. The general ring worn on the index finger, middle finger or ring finger, the majority of girls wearing the ring number for the number 10-15, of which 12, 13 more; most boys wearing the ring number 17-22 , Of which more than 18-20;
  6. You can also go to the nearby jewelry store experience center, ask the staff to help you measure it.

Bracelet for women is a symbol of marriage, for men is a symbol of identity and occupation. If the wedding ring witnesses the gift and commitment between the couple, then the bracelet represents the blessing and continuation of the family. In the Chinese folk, has always been a female elders will love life bracelet passed to her daughter, daughter of the custom, bracelet which has a never-ending emotional meaning.

In the bracelet, but also the most precious jade bracelet, the traditional jade bracelet has been the most favored Chinese women’s possession. Bracelet in the sleeves and wrist, looming, very suitable for arm slender, white skinny woman wear.

  1. bracelet wear principle

When wearing bracelets, the number of bracelets is not strictly limited. If you wear only one, should be worn on the left hand and should not wear on the right hand; if you wear two, you can wear one or both left and right, or are worn on the left hand. Wearing more than two bracelets Replica Cartier jewelry is relatively rare, even if you want to wear should also be worn on the left hand to create a strong sense of imbalance, to unconventional, extraordinary purpose.

  1. bracelet and dress with

(1) If in some formal occasions to wear sleeveless dress, you can wear bracelets or bracelets on the arm. Inlaid precious stones bracelet will make you graceful, lovely.

(2) If you wear noble evening dress to attend formal occasions, then wear bracelets or bracelets and dress with the best fabric, style, color and other styles, and you wear other jewelry echoes, it seems elegant and gorgeous.

(3) as far as possible based on the occasion, identity, temperament and other factors, wearing one or more bracelets. Like a T-shirt, cowboy and other casual series, you can wear a few personality exaggerated, bright color bracelet, sway out of youth, leisure atmosphere.

(4) If you wear national wind type clothes, you can wear a national style bracelet.

(5) wear Chinese cheongsam or traditional clothing, wearing jade, jade bracelet, can reflect a dignified and elegant sense; wear fur coat, gold bracelet or precious stones bracelet will make you look elegant, extraordinary temperament.

(6) If your clothing is simple, simple color, then the fancy bracelet is the most suitable for you, it can add a fine modification of the United States.

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