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Yesterday morning nfl coins

Yesterday morning, the lowest temperature of Southern nfl coins appeared at 5:19, 27 C, early in the morning and feeling pretty cool, but after 8. As temperatures rise, just over 9, Yanqing station nfl coins has reached 30.1 degrees, most of the urban area air temperature is more than 30 degrees centigrade. Hot and humid afternoon, “growing”, Southern Observatory temperature nfl coins 34.8 degrees Celsius, the National Meteorological Station in Changping, the temperature reached 37.1 degrees, the big city In some areas the temperature at 35 madden mobile cheap coins Celsius nfl coins 37 degrees Celsius. It was very hot, people have said, this is the steamed baked rotten “rhythm, ask the meteorological department:” hot like this, Beijing where there is a cool nfl coins? “The meteorological department said, according to the mobile madden coins at 14:45 yesterday live, Mentougou Lingshan 23.1 C, Yanqing Buddha the top 27.6 DEG C, thus slightly nfl coins or mountains. However, the soil and water saturation, prone to secondary disasters, avoid trips to the mountains, channel, channel, pay attention to their own nfl coins.

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